As with our crawlspace/basement automated system, we can do the same thing with moisture/heat in the attics of homes and businesses. One of the big differences between the attic and crawlspace/basements is that the attic has to not only deal with moisture but also temperature. Many people would think that the heat in the attic is no issue and just throw a ventilation fan up there. One of the problems with that is if the ventilation fan is exhausting more air than the attic can allow in, it may be pulling that air from the living space of the home or business. This is not only going to create a cooling issue for the living/working area of the structure but also an energy efficiency problem. This is only one issue when dealing with heat/moisture in the attic.

As like our crawlspace/basement systems, this is where we set ourselves apart from other products and companies. We will specifically design a system to the requirements of the residential or commercial structure we are dealing with at the time. It will not be a “one size fits all” system that you may buy from a big box store. One of our experienced engineers will design the system based off of a drawing of your attic that we supply them with.


  • Lowers moisture levels by using outside “dry” air
  • Runs off of Low Voltage (12 volts)
  • Fully automated once installed
  • Energy Efficient

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