Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits:

  • Stop Mold from growing
  • Stop structural damage from occurring
  • Save money by reducing energy bills
  • Less strain on your heating and A/C unit
  • Keep hardwood floor from cupping/buckling
  • Lower the chances for termite/pest infestation
  • Increase Indoor Air Quality
  • Increase value of your biggest asset!


Wanting to completely seal off your crawl space after seeing all that you can benefit from!? We got you covered. We offer the option to our customers that want to completely encapsulate the area below their home or business. By doing this, you not only keep the moisture out, you also keep bugs such as cockroaches, spiders, and termites. This can be one of a few options home owners and business owners have to keep from having to fork out money to costly structural repairs that have been caused by moisture.

How it works:

  1. Complete a comprehensive home examination to find out why and where the issues, if any, are coming from.
  2. Remove any standing water issues and install a perimeter drainage system to solve any water intrusion problems that may be occurring.
  3. Install a thick, durable moisture barrier that will be tape and sealed along the foundation walls, structural piers, and crawl space floor to keep the cold air, humidity, and moisture from cycling in.
  4. A Dehumidifier will be added to help dry the air that is encapsulated. The ideal situation would be a dehumidifier, paired with our automated ventilation system. This would allow our system to determine when the dehumidifier runs, comparing multiple atmospheric measurements, and not just the relative humidity (rH) that dehumidifiers use. By pairing it with our automated system, it would also allow you to downsize the dehumidifier needed by 25%-30%, saving upfront expenses as well as operating cost.

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