Crawl Space Mold Removal In Iron Station, NC

Check Out This Video On Crawl Space Mold Removal In Iron Station, NC

Hey, y’all. This is Cory Parks here with the Advanced Ventilation Solutions. I just wanted to show y’all, um, a, uh, an inspection we was called out to do and show you some of the issues they got going on here and, and what the, uh, the solutions are to fix it. Um, let me get this.

As you can see, quite a bit of mold down through there, um, some signs of high moisture, but I want y’all to look at just all the stuff that’s in here. Um, at some point this was used to just store- as storage for just extra junk for the workers that was in here, left their stuff behind. Um, you can see there’s no moisture barrier down through most of this. Um, some left over HVAC from the guys who changed out this ducting at some point.

We got some more mold, if you can see the yellow down through there, uh, that’s mold. That’s, um, all this is signs of high moisture, um, for a few reasons. Uh, one, being there is no, uh, complete moisture barrier laying on the ground. Um, two, being that the open foundation vents is allowing, um, allowing the hot moist, uh, air to travel through into the crawlspace. Um, we gotta get that taken care of before we can really control the, the humidity in here.

Um, again anything, you know, anything above 55% is conducive conditions for mold to start growing. There you can see some exposed electrical wires, I know that’s not up to, up to code there. Um, no insulation, you know, this, this crawlspace is just, it’s going to need a good cleaning out. Get all the debris removed, raked out. All the bricks and brick chips that’s broken. Um, a full mode remediation, uh, from, from the floor joists and subfloor. Uh, I see a little bit of termite damage here. Um, but we’ll, uh, we’ll get these guys taken care of and, and get ’em fixed up.

Um, you can also see … Let me get over here too it, some unsupported piers that was installed incorrectly. Here’s a old HVAC furnace they just left down here. You can see they just set a block on the ground instead of pouring proper footer. Which means over time that’s just gonna continue to sink. It’s hard to show you, but it’s not even touching the, uh, the floor joists that they were trying to support.

So if y’all need, have any questions, uh, need any questions answered, um, submit ’em to us on Facebook. Shoot us an email, visit our website Or you can give us a call, 704-813-9554. Thanks.

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