Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (5364)

Why Advanced Ventilation Solutions Should Be Your First Choice

Craig Wood


Could Not Be Happier!

I could not be happier with the neat and professional work AVS did at our house.

North Carolina

Heaven's Best Hickory NC


Very Professional & Very Knowledgeable!

Very professional… very knowledgeable… backs up what he tells you…would hire again!

North Carolina

Michael Tabor


Fair Pricing & Professionally Done!

Cory’s pricing was fair and the work was clean and professionally done. He got the work done in a quick manner and personally made sure the crawlspace was done according to specs. I would be happy to refer future business to him.

North Carolina

Garrett Lee


Amazing Job With The Remediation

Cory Parks and his crew did an outstandingly amazing job with the remediation that my crawlspace was in desperate need of. They arrived on time and had the job completed to the fullest within the time frame that was given. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work and I definitely highly recommend Cory Parks and his crew the world.

North Carolina

Jake Lackey


The Whole Team Went Above & Beyond!

Cory and AVS were great to work with. They did an excellent job at a fair price. Cory said what he would do and did what he said. The whole team went above and beyond. Truly professional.

North Carolina

James Abraham



We hired Cory and his crew when we had a severe mold issue from a water leak we discovered under our home. They gave us a very fair price and did an outstanding job. We are now completely mold free. OUTSTANDING SERVICE, GREAT GUYS, FAIR PRICING!! Call them if you have an issue, you’ll be glad you did.

North Carolina

Frank Coletto


Always On Time & Fist Class Workmanship

Cory and his team are second to none. Always on time and 1st class workmanship. I will ALWAYS use AVS. Not much else to say but they they do exactly what they say they will do!

North Carolina

Clayton Llewellyn


Extremely Professional

AVS is not only an extremely professional company but an extremely easy company to get along with. They were knowledgeable in every aspect of our project and kept us in the loop at all times.

North Carolina

Ted Werner


Their Pricing Was Fair

We hired AVS to encapsulate our crawl space. We consulted with 3 different companies. In the end, we chose AVS. Cory was very professional and always on time. His pricing was fair and his company did a great job. We highly recommend this company.

North Carolina

Brittany Cato


Excellent Customer Service!

We hired Cory and his team and they were great! Excellent customer service and they explained everything they were going to do and did a awesome job! We would highly recommend!

North Carolina

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (890)

Meet The Advanced Ventilation Solutions Team

Advanced Ventilation Solutions has been servicing our customers differently for a long time.  We don't just focus on just being really good at Crawl Space Encapsulation services, we also make every effort into being greatest at customer service in our service area. We are always looking out for our neighbors and it begins with outstanding communication. That is what delivers the value for our customers. Then delivering services such as, Crawl Space Encapsulation, and others like this come next. The combination of the two is when you end up with a spectacular professional service business like Advanced Ventilation Solutions.

Relax knowing that Advanced Ventilation Solutions is licensed and insured. We look forward to earning your business and hope to hear from you soon.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (7946)

Get Ready To Learn More About Our Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

We offer a broad range of crawl space services. Managing moisture in all it's forms is extremely important to preserving the structure of your home. Humidity does all kinds of terrible things to your HVAC system, wood framing members and often leads to notably poor indoor air quality. Here we will explain each one of our services and why you should think about performing each one of their benefits.

Crawl Space Mold Remediation in Denver, North Carolina:

Correcting your crawl space often commences with a proper mold remediation being done. Due to the bad design of open vented crawl spaces mold is nearly always growing on the wood framing members. To do a conventional mold remediation in the crawl space you want to have all the insulation, vapor barrier and trash removed. Following that all the wood framing requires it to be, HEPA vacuumed, sanded or wire brushed, cleaned with a mild soap and treated with a plant-based antimicrobial. Staining oftentimes remains and can be removed for aesthetics if the client wants. Once the wood framing part is finished all other surfaces get cleaned as thoroughly. Even washing all of the pipes and wires. Fix your water damage problems today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Drainage in Denver, North Carolina:

Following the remediation, the bulk water that has been entering or may enter down the road and needs to be addressed. Water can not be prevented, but it can be redirected to a more agreeable place. We dewater the crawl space by placing a french drain system throughout the perimeter and tie it to a sump pump or multiple sump pumps if needs additional ones. Once the water goes into the drainage system it is lead to the sump pump and then pumped out underground away from the house to a more beneficial place. Fix all of your moisture issues today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Service in Denver, North Carolina:

First, we install a crawl space sump pump basin. This is not a tiny 5-gallon bucket that will lead to a sump pump failure. We simply install a professional-grade and size sump pump basin. We make sure to puncture holes in the side and pull the drainage in for maximum water flow. The Sump basin is continuously perforated to allow even more water to enter. The sump pump basin is then enclosed by stone aggregate to serve as a filter. Lastly, we install the sump pump and seal it with a more proper lid and gasket to prevent water from evaporating back into the crawl space. Repair your water damage issues today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier in Denver, North Carolina:

The subsequent next step to control moisture is to cover all of the ground with a moisture barrier. This should always be a reinforced moisture barrier or at a bare minimum a 6 mil poly. It should also be placed on the walls and wrapped around the posts and sealed to the moisture barrier on the dirt floor. This is the surly best way to lock the moisture out from the wall and the ground. Repair your water damage issues today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Vents in Denver, North Carolina:

The Next step is to sealing the crawl space vents and stopping the moisture from the outside from entering. Once the warm and humid air enters a crawl space and meets the cold air and materials inside, it will produce condensation due to the dew point being reached on the surfaced. This enables the mold to spread and can also lead to wood rot. We seal all the vents to preserve the crawl space year-round. Fix your crawl space moisture problems today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier in Denver, North Carolina:

The most important part after all this work is done is to install a proper size and intended crawl space dehumidifier to eliminate any remaining excess dampness in the air. Humidity levels should be retained under 60% and close to 45% in our belief. Not placing a dehumidifier in your crawl space and sealing it up will create even more harm as moisture will build up and have nowhere to leave. Never seal a crawl space without a dehumidifier installed to regulate the humidity levels year-round! Fix your crawl space moisture problems today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Monitoring in Denver, North Carolina:

The last step after making this investment is making sure the system never crashes. If it does you need to understand what went wrong as soon as possible so it can be fixed quickly and your investment preserved. We offer 24/7 wifi moisture monitoring systems that will inform us if anything isn't working correctly. If something appears to go wrong we can send a tech to get it corrected immediately. Repair your moisture issues today by calling us at 704-842-9223.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (8039)

A Profession Service Business That You Can Always Count On

"Always the Best for our Customers" is what we say to our customers, but it’s also a law that we operate by each and every day. Advanced Ventilation Solutions wants to be the greatest Crawl Space Encapsulation company in our Denver, North Carolina, and one of the numerous significant factors homeowners have to deal with while making a choice about choosing us over everyone else is honesty. For Crawl Space Encapsulation, our namesake symbolizes that homeowners can count on us for just about anything related to Crawl Space Encapsulation services. At an immediate glimpse at our numerous services shows you that we intend just that.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (2601)

About Our Free Estimates Process

Advanced Ventilation Solutions will always keep in mind that your schedule is a busy one. For that reason, we’re going to make sure your experience is pleasurable. Our friendly, insightful customer service staff will be there to make scheduling yourCrawl Space Encapsulation appointment as straightforward as possible. Whether you need to schedule something for a few days from now, or if you find yourself in need of same-day service, our Crawl Space Encapsulation customer service representatives are going to be ready to assist you at whatever time is most convenient for you. In short order, Advanced Ventilation Solutions will make sure to have your appointment setup quickly  with one of our technicians on the way.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (6718)

Knowing What To Expect When Working WIth Advanced Ventilation Solutions

Did you know that many people choose Crawl Space Encapsulation contractors to install or repair their homes, without knowing the requirements to do the job correctly. Therefore they not only end up installing a poor Crawl Space Encapsulation system that is not only worthless for their residence but also costs them more money to correct later on.  Homeowners make the mistake by assuming that the most favorable price will get them the best service. It is essential to acknowledge that you get a bargain when you get the service according to what you pay which may be a bit more sometimes but your Crawl Space Encapsulation system lasts longer and needs fewer repairs over the years if any at all.  A Crawl Space Encapsulation contractor will always make you informed of what problems are and how to completely fix them or tell you another alternative if your crawl space is beyond repair.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Denver, NC, 28037, Lincoln County (5868)

We Welcome You To The Advanced Ventilation Solutions Family

Advanced Ventilation Solutions a family-owned and service-oriented, Crawl Space Encapsulation company with a distinct focus on great customer satisfaction. When you are in need of a Crawl Space Encapsulation company that can get the job done right, you need to call us at 704-842-9223 as you can always count on Advanced Ventilation Solutions to great the job done right! We have fully trained Crawl Space Encapsulation technicians available for you to speak with at all times that are ready and willing to help with all of your questions or concerns. Our primary job is to make sure every Crawl Space Encapsulation project meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

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