Crawl Space Mold Inspection and Remediation

Craig Wood


Could Not Be Happier!

I could not be happier with the neat and professional work AVS did at our house.

North Carolina

Heaven's Best Hickory NC


Very Professional & Very Knowledgeable!

Very professional… very knowledgeable… backs up what he tells you…would hire again!

North Carolina

Michael Tabor


Fair Pricing & Professionally Done!

Cory’s pricing was fair and the work was clean and professionally done. He got the work done in a quick manner and personally made sure the crawlspace was done according to specs. I would be happy to refer future business to him.

North Carolina

Garrett Lee


Amazing Job With The Remediation

Cory Parks and his crew did an outstandingly amazing job with the remediation that my crawlspace was in desperate need of. They arrived on time and had the job completed to the fullest within the time frame that was given. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work and I definitely highly recommend Cory Parks and his crew the world.

North Carolina

Jake Lackey


The Whole Team Went Above & Beyond!

Cory and AVS were great to work with. They did an excellent job at a fair price. Cory said what he would do and did what he said. The whole team went above and beyond. Truly professional.

North Carolina

James Abraham



We hired Cory and his crew when we had a severe mold issue from a water leak we discovered under our home. They gave us a very fair price and did an outstanding job. We are now completely mold free. OUTSTANDING SERVICE, GREAT GUYS, FAIR PRICING!! Call them if you have an issue, you’ll be glad you did.

North Carolina

Frank Coletto


Always On Time & Fist Class Workmanship

Cory and his team are second to none. Always on time and 1st class workmanship. I will ALWAYS use AVS. Not much else to say but they they do exactly what they say they will do!

North Carolina

Clayton Llewellyn


Extremely Professional

AVS is not only an extremely professional company but an extremely easy company to get along with. They were knowledgeable in every aspect of our project and kept us in the loop at all times.

North Carolina

Ted Werner


Their Pricing Was Fair

We hired AVS to encapsulate our crawl space. We consulted with 3 different companies. In the end, we chose AVS. Cory was very professional and always on time. His pricing was fair and his company did a great job. We highly recommend this company.

North Carolina

Brittany Cato


Excellent Customer Service!

We hired Cory and his team and they were great! Excellent customer service and they explained everything they were going to do and did a awesome job! We would highly recommend!

North Carolina

Our goal is to be proactive, not reactive. For this reason, Advanced Ventilation Solutions offers thorough crawlspace and basement consultations. We will send one of our experienced team members out to take a look to see if your home or business is having any crawlspace or basement moisture problems.

Our team members have the knowledge, experience, and equipment it takes to identify if you are experiencing moisture issues, as well as problem-solving techniques to ensure these issues are resolved. Don’t hesitate, call today for your home or business inspection!

Remember, it’s not a mold problem you are experiencing; it is a moisture problem that is causing mold!

The humidity that our region in the U.S. brings can be very tough on us, as well as our home or business. The problems this humidity and moisture brings is mildew and mold. Mildew and Mold are simple microscopic organisms that live and breed in a moist environment. The unfortunate characteristic about mold is that it can start to grow in just 24-48 hours. The surfaces that mold and mildew like to grow on include wood, drywall, insulation, wallpaper. These make up the vast majority of materials used in construction. Call Advanced Ventilation Solutions for our Mold Remediation services to ensure your home is safe from mold.

You may think a small spot of growth isn’t a huge issue. However, mold “seeds” travel through the air. Then whatever the mold comes in contact with they reproduce and grow on. That small spot of growth will spread. It will spread throughout your basement, attic, crawlspace, or home. Before you know it, it will become colonies of mold. Eventually causing structural damage to your home or business. Our goal is to stop it before it gets to that point and prevent it from happening again. You can remove the mold on a day-to-day basis, but unless you get to the source and take care of that, the mold will just keep coming back. We offer many services that will take care of the moisture problem your crawl space is experiencing, so, it will be easier to remove the mold from your home and the mold won’t keep coming back.

Then there’s another issue with mold: Health problems. There are many different types of molds that we are around from day to day. The most common being allergens that most people can handle in small quantities. Issues arise when certain molds are present, or when someone inhales any mold in high concentrations. Some people are at a higher risk for health issues from mold than others. These people include pregnant women, children, infants, elderly, and those with existing immune or respiratory problems. Don’t risk it and have Heaven’s Best give you a free estimate on mold remediation.

Health-related symptoms that can be caused by mold include;

  • Difficulty breathing (wheezing, asthma attack, etc.)
  • Eye irritation (burning, watery, redness)
  • Nose or throat irritation (Sneezing, bloody noses, etc.)
  • Skin rashes or hives
  • Headaches, memory loss, mood changes

Symptoms may become more severe the more time you spend around any type of mold. The most severe of these symptoms being mycotoxins.

Mold can be a very intimidating and irritating problem to have. Fortunately, our team of experts knows how to locate, identify, and take care of all of your mold issues.

Identifying the precursors to mold can be tricky to the untrained eye. Give us a call today for an in-home comprehensive inspection for your home or businessGet a free estimate for our mold remediation services today!

Are you in need of moisture or mold work but can’t find anyone to guarantee their work? Looking for a warranty but just can’t find a company that offers one? We’ve got you! AVS is an authorized dealer of the Enviroguard Continuous Protection Warranty.

The Enviroguard Continuous Protection Warranty is an annually renewable and transferrable damage repair warranty that is insurance-backed by an A+ top-rated environmental underwriter. It carries a $100,000 damage repair limit, which includes all demolition, remediation, restoration, and build-back cost, should the property develop visible mold formation on the permanent surfaces of the property.

How is such a strong warranty possible? Every year, your Enviroguard Certified Inspector conducts a 175 point inspection from the outside to the inside of your property. They take into consideration everything from landscape grade, gutters, and downspouts, to the condensing pipes and ductwork, to the way moisture releases from the ground, and thermal bridging in the attic affects structural moisture content. If conducive conditions exist, we’ll walk you through exactly how they can be corrected. If they don’t exist, you’ll move straight into the warranty. It’s that easy.

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