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Crawl Space Structural Repair in

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Crawlspace Structural Repair In

Advanced Ventilation Solutions belives that without adequate structural repairs, the structural issues of moisture, wood rot and termite damage may harm the structural stability of your home and become a major obstacle in any property transactions. In the crawl space, structural problems can occur in the form of sheetrock cracks, soft rubbery floors, springy floors, sticky doors, or sloping irregular floors.

Advanced Ventilation Solutions wants you to know that if your home has structural problems or wood rot, you may need floor joist replacement, beam repair, subfloor repair, or sill plate replacement services. Advanced Ventilation Solutions knows that every house is unique, so every home needs a customized Crawl Space Structural Repair solution.

Advanced Ventilation Solutions knows that most homes have been built correctly, but with susceptibility to moisture over a sustained period of time, flooring can become unstable. Advanced Ventilation Solutions's  Crawlspace Structural Repair experts will examine your home and determine the extent of damage and the best solution for repairing your crawl space. Advanced Ventilation Solutions knows that when caught quickly, these challenges can be overcome with the right strategy. Advanced Ventilation Solutions can assist, whether you need subfloor repairs contractors, floor repair contractors, or foundation repair contractors. Advanced Ventilation Solutions also offers crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers, and crawl space drainage systems to handle your crawl space moisture issues.

If you need Crawl Space Structural Repair in , Advanced Ventilation Solutions's certified professionals can help. Call 704-538-4535 now to talk to a professional Crawl Space Structural Repair today and learn more about our Crawl Space Structural Repair methods.

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Crawl Space Structural Repair Services

Advanced Ventilation Solutions provides the following types of Crawlspace Structural Repair in :

Crawl Space Beam Repair | Crawl Space Floor Joist Repair | Crawl Space Rim Band Repair | Crawl Space Subfloor Repair

Crawl Space Beam Replacement | Crawl Space Floor Joist Replacement | Crawl Space Rim Band Replacement | Crawl Space Subfloor Replacement

The Rim Band is called by different names across the country – rim band, band sill, band joist, rim joist, band board; mudsill,  sill plate, or just the sill. The band sill run along the perimeter of your home and rest on top of the poured, brick or block foundation.

The Floor Joist is the wood framing members that run perpendicular to your home's beam(s) and that carry the load from the weight from the homes living space.

The Beams and sometimes called the girders are what hold the structure together. They support your floor joist and they rest on the support pillars of your home.

The Subfloor is the wood that you floor covering is installed over. This is usually made of different types of plywood.


Our Crawl Space Structural Repair Profesional Company 

Advanced Ventilation Solutions is certified in crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, and structural drying. No matter how complex or how big the project, we have the skill set to transform your crawl space. Below are just some of the benefits of encapsulating your crawl space.

Stop Mold Growth | Stop Wood Rot | Stop Rodent Infestation | Stop Insect Infestation | Stop Damage To The HVAC System

Improve Indoor Air Quality | Increase Homes Energy Efficiency | Create Additional Climate Controlled Storage Space | & Much More!

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Too Much Moisture In Your Crawl Space